Here’s a list of some additional features/benefits of Business Hangouts. Each item line below is sometimes the only reason why a client has chosen BHO:

Extends Hangouts capacity beyond 15 persons thanks to integrated Viewers
Self-registered Meetings (vs. invitation only) : Have your attendees register themselves.
E-mail centric (vs. G+ notifications): invitation emails, reminders, follow up emails are automatic and fully customizable.

Avoid the Google+ user interface,: Control how much “social” your event is.
Let non-plussers attend your meetings thanks to the Facebook and LinkedIn connectors or a neutral sign in with just any email address.

Private Meetings: Unlisted HOAs, See who is watching live, who effectively attended, how much time they watched

The Unified chat: moderated chat, drag & drop, highlight, broadcast for Q&A.
Invite a viewer to the panel on-the-fly and make them participant, return them to their seat.
Share Interactive Content: Poll, Quiz, Video, Call-to-Action

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