Kiiton Press - By Sanubo Toeque, II

Be Aware of the Uncomfortable: They Will Make The Comfortable Uncomfortable - By Sanubo Toeque, II

$ 25.00 USD

This book is about our relationships with one another, with ourselves, with others and with God.  People in relationships are not always comfortable with the other person. Those who are uncomfortable, for whatever reasons, try to make the other person or persons uncomfortable.  Why, How, and Who do these things?  What do they do to make the comfortable uncomfortable?  How do you resolve these kinds of situations? All these and more are discussed in every chapter of this book. Everyone is in some relationship with himself, or herself and with others.  Many are also in relationship with God. Whatever relationship you find yourself in, you will discover that the comfortable and uncomfortable syndrome are also present. Sometimes, we play these roles unknowingly and interchangeably.  Learn more about this issue and prepare yourself to deal with it when you are confronted with it face to face.


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