Donation Goal  $6,187.50

Many of the homeless living in Atlanta are unable to navigate around the city to get to the necessary resources and support that they need, because they do not have access to transportation. We would like to issue weekly (pre-paid) Marta public transit cards, to the homeless throughout Metro Atlanta.

We would like to purchase 250 Marta Transit Cards at the price of $1 each. ($250)

We would also like to add a 7-Day Pass to each card

7-Day Pass**
Unlimited rides, for 7 consecutive days beginning first-time used.
Cost: $23.75 per card ($5,937.50 for 250)

More info about Marta Transit fares: http://www.itsmarta.com/fares-passes.aspx  

More about Marta Breeze Cards: http://www.breezecard.com/htm/howto_purchase_breeze.html 

Please help us raise $4,000 in order to purchase a used vehicle for the use of 1up Entertainment/Consulting

1up Entertainment/Consulting has created, and would like to host several lecture series and programs, aimed towards educating young men and women about the importance of social entrepreneurship, critical thinking, and to educate young people about the concepts of a resource based economy. Traveling and material expenses have made it very difficult to render our services at a reasonable/affordable rate.

By gaining the funds above, we will be able to render more workshops, (even a few free workshops) annually. The out of state lectures (outside of Georgia) and other workshops and programs, will become more affordable for those who are in need of them.



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