Kitton Press - Nya Kwiawon Taryor 2

Mãhwè Mìndàn Kìì [Mãhwè 201] second Primer. Learning to Speak the Mãh Language of Nimba County, Liberia, West Africa - By Nya Kwiawon Taryor, Sr.

$ 35.00 USD

THERE ARE NOT MANY BOOKS LIKE THIS ONE. Among the 16 languages spoken in Liberia, the Mah language is one of them.  It is spoken by the people of North Central Liberia in the region called, Nimba County and also by a segment of the population of the Republic of Guinea.  The author gives the readers some basic tools needed to read and understand the Mah language.  You will learn the unique Mah Alphabets and their phonetic constructions.  Simple grammar and words for vocabulary building can be found on every page.  There are sentence constructions to help you learn to speak, write and have basic conversation.  There are color photographs and illustrations to help the reader associate concepts with live images.  This is a very unique and excellent book you will enjoy.


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