Kiiton Press - Nya Bowman

Presidential Behavior of Liberian Presidents from 1847 to Present - By Nya Bowman

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Presidential Behavior of Liberian Presidents From 1847 to Present is a massive collection of Liberian history. It examines the behaviors of Liberian Presidents from 1847 to present and provides a fascinating and informative account of decision making of each President during his tenure. It also includes biographical information about each leader, with emphasis on where they were born and how they leaped to the political scene. In a unique way this book draws from a variety of leadership theories to attach leadership styles to each of the presidents discussed. This book also highlights some of the conflicts that existed between Americo-Liberians and the indigenous population and the cascading effects such conflicts had on Liberians, leading to the 15-years civil war that destroyed the country. Key among the conflicts highlighted are Americo-Liberians attempt to maintain their political dominance and the native population's demands for a more opened, inclusive and democratic society. I should mention however that this book is not a comparison of Liberian Presidents, nor is it a book that discusses why some Liberian Presidents failed and other succeeded; rather, this book teaches Liberian history and provides readers with unique glimpses into circumstances that drove each President to make some painstaking decisions to preserve the unity, dignity and sovereignty of the nation. For example, this book will help readers understand why Governor Joseph Jenkins Roberts hurriedly declared independence for Liberia in 1847 and why Liberia lost huge chunks of its territories to Sierra Leone, Guinea and the Cote d’Ivoire.  The book also discusses some of the issues that fomented the civil war.   In short, this book is a tool-kit for understanding Liberian history and a primer for gaining insights into decision-making at the executive level of  the Liberian government.


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