Kiiton Press - By Larry P. I. Poole

The Adventure of Dan Time Traveling And The Mutated Hamster - By Larry P. I. Poole

$ 8.95 USD

This is a children's book, written by a 10 years old child. It consists of two stories; one about an adventure of time traveling machine and the other about a mutated hamster. The book is illustrated by the author and it consists of about 52 pages. its cover is paper back cover laminated with a couple of pictures of his art work. Larry writes from his imagination and he creates a story about traveling back in time and forward in time, looking at the future about how things could be in 67,000 years from now. The mutated hamster turns into a giant hamster and became very destructive that a friendly and good hamster was created to get rid of the destructive hamster.


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